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Saturday, March 16, 2024

“Harvest of Dreams” by Sarnia de la Maré, Digital and Oils #erotica

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“Harvest of Dreams”


In “Harvest of Dreams,” Sarnia de la Maré masterfully weaves together elements of surrealism, symbolism, and vivid imagination. The canvas bursts forth with a lush, otherworldly landscape—a dreamscape where reality and fantasy intertwine. There is a weird desire to jump in with the threat of unchartered erotic desires.


  1. Figures:

    • Two central figures dominate the foreground. Their forms are ethereal, almost translucent, as if they straddle the boundary between corporeal existence and the intangible.
    • The first figure, a woman, stands with arms outstretched, her flowing gown merging seamlessly with the surrounding fruit. Her single eye holds a mixture of wonder and pleasure.
    • The second figure, androgynous in appearance, hovers beside her. Their elongated limbs and delicate features evoke a sense of fragility and yet dominant purpose.
  2. Fruits:

    • Gigantic fruits provide a bed and others dangle from twisted vines. Their colors defy earthly norms: a sunburst orange pomegranate, a cerulean blue pear, and a lemon the shade of moonlight.
    • These fruits appear both enticing and ominous, hinting at hidden meanings. Are they sustenance or temptation?
    • there is a suggestion, never quite obvious, of birds and flora.
    • The lips on huge orbs sexualise the fruits.


  • Harvest: The oversized fruits symbolize the harvest of desires, dreams, and memories. Each fruit represents a different facet of the human experience.
  • Threshold: The hovering figure acts as a guide—a bridge between the earthly and the mystical. They beckon the woman forward, inviting her to cross into the unknown.
  • Transcendence: The entire composition exudes a sense of longing and transformation. It suggests that within dreams, we find the keys to our own metamorphosis.


  • De la Maré employs a delicate layering technique. Thin glazes of color create a luminous effect, as if the painting itself emits a soft glow.
  • The brushwork is both precise and fluid, capturing the ephemeral quality of dreams.

Emotional Impact:

  • “Harvest of Dreams” evokes a bittersweet nostalgia—an ache for what was and what could be. It invites viewers to step beyond the veil of reality and explore the orchard of their own subconscious.

In summary, Sarnia de la Maré’s “Harvest of Dreams” invites us to pluck the fruits of imagination, taste their sweetness, and embrace the enigma of existence. 🌿🍎🌙

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